April 16, 2013

English Language Arts- Fisher (Periods 1, 3, 4 & 6)

Reminder: Research Paper Final Drafts were due last week!  This is one of the required activities for passing Sophomore English.  If you have not turned one in, please do so as soon as possible!
Monday, April 15
  1. Read: Substitute-directed short story
  2. Quiz: Complete Quiz #27 in the time provided
  • Continue developing short story ideas
  • Continue independent reading
Tuesday April 16
  1. Follow directions given in class by the substitute
  • Continue working on short story ideas
Wednesday and Thursday, April 17 and 18
  1. Do Now: Looking at the story you've written, draw a plotline of the events in your journal.  The main events that you should consider are: exposition->climax->resolution.  If rising action and falling action can be identified, do so.
  2. Then: Reading for plot in the textbook
  3. After: Analyze the story for plot
  4. Next: Analyze the story for character development
  5. Then: Create a character card for one of the characters in the story
  6. Finish: Discuss plot and character development in student-created short stories
  • Use the brainstorm sheet to develop three different ideas for a short story
  • Using the card created in class, create a character card for one of the characters in your story
  • Using the plot worksheet from class or any other method, plan-out your story (minimum: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution)
  • Remember to bring independent reading books to school next week on April 23
Friday, April 19
  1. All Period: students will report to the Cafeteria or to the V-building choir room for a presentation by MAPA (Maui Academy of Performing Arts)
  • Study for Quiz #28: ess, et/ette, fic, ful, fy, hood, ic
  • Revise short story by class-time next Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Continue independent reading (early turn-in, April 26)
  • Study short story terms list
  • Enrichment: Vocabtest.com, Sophomore Unit 14: Reverse Sentences