4 Major English Assignments

Quarter 1: SIFTT Poetry Analysis
Click here for help writing the opening paragraph.
Click here to see a sample outline.
Click here to see the overall directions.

Listen below to hear an explanation of thesis statements.

Here are some good examples of popular music that contain all of the SIFTT elements:
  • Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson
  • Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel
  •  Buffalo Soldier by  Bob Marley
  • Change by Blind Melon
  • Oil and Water by Incubus
These songs are given as suggestions for your listening pleasure.  They are off-limits as topics for your poetry analysis.  Please also remember that most poems from the textbook would be good to use for the paper as well.
Quarter 2: Shakespeare/Drama Presentation
Here are some popular topics that students have done in the past:
  • Translate a scene from Shakespearean English into Hawaiian Creole (Pidgin) and perform
  • Create a historical Powerpoint presentation linked to The Tempest
  • Rewrite a scene from the play using popular characters (examples: Star Wars, Family Guy, Pokemon)
  • Create a T-shirt that focuses on SIFT and present  ('F' comes directly from The Tempest)

Picture Poem Activity
Picture: Ghostly White Figure (# 1)

Quarter 3: Genetics Research Paper
See your teacher for a list of project topics.  This is BOTH a Biology and and English requirement.
Quarter 4: Short Story