April 7, 2013

English Language Arts- Fisher (Periods 1, 3, 4 & 6)

Reminder: Quiz #25 must be turned-in by Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 for credit!
Monday, April 8
  1. Do Now: Quiz #26: ate, ary/ery/ory, ant, cian, cule/ling, cy, dom
  2. During: Read "The Garden of Stubborn Cats" (p.384)
  3. After: Review This Week in Language Arts
  • Research Paper Draft 3 is due today, but will be accepted without penalty until 1:30 pm on Wednesday (hard copy only)
  • Continue independent reading (if you did not sign-up for a book by the due-date, please see me to check out a copy of   Fahrenheit 451 by Wednesday at 1:30)
Tuesday and Wednesday, April 9 and 10
  1. Do Now: Read the "Writing" exercise at the top of p. 399.  In your journal, make three columns.  At the top of each column write the name of an object.  Below each one, write at least 5 details that vividly describe the object.  At the bottom of the column, give the object a name that 'hints' at what it symbolizes or link it to an event (something that it would symbolize).
  2. After: Edison eValuate Test 
  3. Then: Check your score to see how much you've improved.  Title a new page of your journal "Edison Test Review."  Write whether or not you've improved throughout the year, how much/little, and what you will need to focus on to continue that improvement.
  • Choose one of the objects listed in your journal and write a short story in which the object exists.  Remember: it is a symbol.  Make sure it is used in that way.  The story may be hand-written or typed, includes a heading like the research paper and should be titled 'Object Short Story.'  It is due next Wednesday/Thursday in class.
  • Continue independent reading (early turn-in, April 26)
Thursday and Friday, April 11 and 12
  1. Do Now: Read the background information for "The Censors" on p. 410
  2. After: In your journal, write what the image on p. 410 might suggest about the main character in the story.  This is a constructed response, so make sure to write a paragraph for your answer.
  3. Next: Read "The Censors" on pp. 410-413
  4. During: On a separate sheet of paper, write your name, my name, period and date at the top-left.  Title the sheet 'Reading Check for "The Senors" by Luisa Valenzuela.  Answer ALL of the margin questions throughout the story.  Write both the question and the answer for each.
  5. After: Answer ALL of the questions on p.413.  Make sure to fully explain your answers where appropriate in constructed response format.