April 21, 2013

English Langauge Arts- Fisher (Periods 1, 3, 4 & 6)

Monday, April 22
  1. Do Now: Quiz #28: ess, et/ette, fic, ful, fy, hood, ic
  2. Then: Review Short Story requirements and due-dates
  3. After: Review plot (see graphic organizer here)
Tuesday, April 23 (Plan test)
  1. Plan testing all morning- report to Advisory class at 7:50
  2. Assembly after lunch- report to gym after lunch bell
Wednesday, April 24
  1. Do Now: Read/Listen to "The Censors" on p. 410-413
  2. Next: In journals, choose a paragraph and rewrite one paragraph using dialogue rather than narrative.
  3. Then: Imagining the setting, p. 329
  4. During: In your journal, describe the setting of your story.  Use vivid and specific details to write at least one paragraph about the setting of your story that you can refer to while writing the short story.
Thursday and Friday, April 25 and 26
  1. Do Now: Looking at what you have written so far for the short story, write in your journal about what the major conflict of the story will be.  This should be a short paragraph, 3-5 sentences, that expresses what challenge the character faces, how they deal with that challenge, possibly other characters who help or hurt and how the story will be resolved.
  2. Next: Develop the plotline for your story before the end of class(use the short one from your journal and p. 330 in the text to start)
  3. Then: Using the plotline to determine the use of flashbacks and the required short story elements
  4. After: Review important due dates for the rest of the year (see This Week in Language Arts)